Bioenergetic Functional and DNA Tests in Malta / Daphne Lab®

Bioenergetic Functional and DNA Tests in Malta / Daphne Lab®

Serenity Holistic Medical Clinic, is proud to announce strategic partnership with DAPHNE LAB® in making available Bioenergetic Functional and DNA Tests in Malta.

Our partnership with DAPHNE LAB® provides a unique opportunity for innovative bioenergetic and DNA testing made available directly to everyone living in Malta.

The wide range of advanced BioMetaTests™ is designed to accurately and timely identify and diagnose individual health conditions, while promoting well-being and health awareness. The tests cover various bioenergetic parameters, providing detailed information and guidelines for more conscious and personalized lifestyle choices.

DAPHNE LAB®, is a globally acclaimed brand recognized and available in over 80 countries around the world.

BioMetaTests™ combined with consultation with one of our Holistic Specialists are aimed to contribute to a tailor made program offering to meet the specific needs of every individual case. Serenity Holistic Medical Clinic’s personalized treatment plans are created to target individual underlying condition and restore optimal health.

Our main aim is to promote health awareness in Malta and provide practical tools and individual approach to address and improve the quality of life of the local community.

BioMetaTests™ providing Bioenergetic Functional Testing at SERENITY Holistic Medical Clinic

Non-Invasive Testing

Bioenergetic Functional Testing uses samples of your hair and saliva. Extremely easy and comfortable both for children and adults.

Fast, Easy and Efficient

Sample collection takes only a few minutes. Individual Report is sent electronically in 7 days.

Special Junior Packages

Take advantage of children packages and further consultation with a Specialist.

Patented Testing Methodology

BIOMETATEST represents patented testing methodology with a validated 94% repeat reliability rate.

Variety of tests

Tests can analyze over 600 foods, 150 bacteria, 153 viruses, 44 parasites, 21 fungi, 25 vitamins, 30 minerals, toxic metals, metabolites, etc.

Consultation with a Doctor and follow-up treatment

After receiving your results, an appointment with a Holistic Specialist is available to create a personalized treatment plan to target your individual underlying condition and restore optimal health.

Choose Your Test

NONINVASIVE Functional and DNA Tests in Malta

Comprehensive testing allows you to understand your body on a deeper level and work towards achieving optimum health and overall wellness. Every test provides a detailed report on the complete findings and recommendations to address imbalances.

Food Intolerances test Malta


Food Intolerances test

The Food Intolerances test comes with a table of foods to which an individual is intolerant, together with a personalized diet, a therapeutic program and an evaluation of interpretation, that no other test provides.

Food intolerances test for children Malta

THEMA 01 Junior

Food Intolerances for Children

The Junior Food Intolerances test is adapted to the nutritional needs of children from 0 to 12 years old.
Recommendations for specific foods, appropriate nutritional suggests for children and advise how to find remedy to any food disorders is provided.

Toxic Metals and Mineralogram


Toxic Metals and Mineralogram

The Toxic Metals and Mineralogram test is suitable for checking your current health status and the trends for possible future diseases. Correct interpretation of the test’s Mineralogram followed by a professional advice and individual protocol and personalised treatment plan can purify the body of toxic metals, rebalance the ratios between minerals, change the state of diathesis and regain shape and well-being.

Vitamins, Minerals and Amino Acids Deficiencies test


Vitamins, Minerals and Amino Acids Deficiencies

In modern life is vital to know about any deficiencies in vitamins, minerals and amino acids.
This test provides detailed information on deficiencies, a therapeutic personalized protocol and diet. It offers a complete view of one’s sport performances and energy needs, advising on how sport results can be enhanced.
Contains useful information on the dietary rules required to stimulate individual good memory and concentration. Deficiencies that can contribute to a decrease of concentration, learning difficulties or mental fatigue are also analyzed.


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Over 40 different types of DAPHNE LAB® BIOMETATESTS can now be booked at Serenity Clinic with results available within a week.
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