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Children are the most precious treasure! Every parent cares for their child to be happy and healthy. However, health is not only the absence of diseases or their treatment. It is also a proper harmonious development and well-being.

Therefore, the task of a pediatricianis not only to treat diseases. Doctor’s extremely important role is to care for the proper physical and mental development of children. This is the essence of Holistic Medicine Serenity Clinic is specializing in.

We are working to ensure that children are born and grow up healthy!


Individual Approach to your Child

Our mission is to deliver the best and most comprehensive medical servoces for raising healthy and happy children.

Comprehensive Diagnosis and Treatment of Children's Diseases

Serenity clinic has modern diagnostic equipment which will allow you to undergo a complete examination during one session.

Highly qualified Paediatricians with many years of experience

A pediatrician is a doctor who monitors your child’s health on an ongoing basis from birth to adulthood.


From the Moment Your Baby is born

Paediatricians control the physical and mental development of the child, regularly examines him, timely identifies and corrects deviations. Carries out diagnostics and treatment of diseases, takes measures for their prevention through vaccination and explanatory conversations with parents. The pediatrician advises mothers and fathers on child care, helps to properly organize the baby’s daily routine. If serious pathologies of individual organs are detected, the pediatrician refers the little patient to highly specialized specialists.

Most parents understand that it is better to be served by the same doctor. If the doctor observes the child from birth, he is aware of the family history, the conditions in which the child lives, the development and course of the child’s diseases. All this will help to correctly diagnose and prescribe the optimal, individual treatment regimen.

Mutual understanding between doctor and parents is very important. It helps to develop a unified strategy to achieve a common goal – the health of the child.

Pediatric services Malta
Pediatric services Serenity clinic in Malta


When should I contact a Pediatrician?

Everything that seems suspicious and unnatural to you in the condition of your child is worthy of contacting a pediatrician. Conditions that do not cause much discomfort in adults and usually go away without the intervention of doctors can be signs of a serious problem in children. Here are just some of the obvious symptoms for which you should contact your pediatrician:

  • Increased body temperature
  • Rashes on the mucous membrane and skin of the child
  • Drowsiness, vomiting, fatigue
  • Poor appetite or refusal to eat
    Disorder of the stool
  • Cough
  • Enlarged lymph nodes

An appointment with a doctor is necessary already at the first symptoms of malaise. Infectious and viral pathologies, poisoning and intoxication lead to irreversible processes in the body.

Regular visits to a Child Doctor, the implementation of all his recommendations are reliable insurance against serious problems. The health of a child is the most important component of his happy life and harmonious development, and it is easier to maintain and preserve it with the help of qualified specialists.


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