Shoulder Pain Serenity Clinic

Shoulder Restoration Therapy

Suffering from shoulder pain when lifting the arm?
Is it painful to sleep on?
Does the arm go numb when you sleep?

Shoulder is the most mobile joint of the human body as it is made to interact with the space around you.

It is hanging mostly on the muscles, and the only bone to bone connection it has with your body is through the small collar bone. There are many problems that can arise in the area of the shoulder girdle, and most of them are related to the position of the shoulder blade.

If the shoulder blade does not interact correctly with the shoulder, muscles around the whole area will tighten up trying to hold mobile areas from subluxation and strain.

Such stiffness of muscles often exerts pressure on the nerves and blood vessels resulting in tingling, weakness, numbness, pain at night, and pain with lifting.

If untreated it can result in degeneration and atrophy of shoulder stabilizing muscles, nerve compression syndromes, tendon degenerations, or muscle tears around the shoulder.
Often leads to neck pain too.

With our treatment approach we will examine and treat the whole shoulder girdle, including the areas of influence involving the shoulder blade, ribs, nerves, and breathing system.

With our new shoulder restoration therapy these problems can be fully resolved in a short time.

Don`t suffer longer, reach out!

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