DermaOXY™ Oxygen treatment is a new NO NEEDLE technology allowing you to achieve the same results WITHOUT INJECTIONS!

Best alternative to traditional Mesotherapy!
DermaOXY™ oxygen treatment, an effective and with visible results after the first treatment!

DermaOXY™ is a safe treatment without injections carried out using approved equipment for medical use, but here used in a cosmetic context.

  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Ultimate Facelift
  • Forehead Skin Firming
  • Neck & Décolleté Skin Tightening
  • Fine Lines & Wrinkles Reducing
  • Increased Elasticity of the Collagen Fiber Tissue

Visible result 20 minutes after the treatment!

DermaOXY® Oxygen Mesotherapy
Proven Medical Clinic efficacy:

Pigmentation treatment

Pigmentation Treatment

Neck Décolleté Skin Tightening

Neck Décolleté Skin Tightening

DermaOXY™ concept has been developed to work together with the skin’s own processes, therefore there is a high focus on the choice of ingredients. In context, the ingredients used make a vital difference to the skin’s health, moisture and structure.

We select and combine raw materials that have a documented anti-ageing effect, with a focus on reducing wrinkles and lines, while giving you visibly healthier skin.

Our skin is resistant to external substances, which also means that creams and serums, on their own, actually find it very difficult to penetrate deeper than the top skin layer.

In an oxygen treatment, pressurized oxygen is used to blow nourishing and effective ingredients into the deeper skin layer, the dermis – where they can really take effect and counteract signs of aging.

First, an Airbrush is used, which, using clean air under high pressure, blows serum through the top skin layer and down into the dermis. This serum contains a wide range of active anti-wrinkle components, such as Hyaluronic acid which moisturizes the skin and Retinyl which stimulates cell renewal.

By using air with a 90% oxygen concentration, the active ingredients are subsequently massaged even deeper into the skin and right down to the bottom of the dermis. The high oxygen concentration activates the serum’s components and makes their anti-ageing effect more effective. This ensures that the skin absorbs the active ingredients and contributes to the fact that already 20 minutes after the treatment, a clear reduction of wrinkles and lines in the skin can be seen.

DermaOXY Oxygen Treatment

How are wrinkles formed?

The upper layer – the epidermis – is the skin’s protective surface, but the skin gets its strength, structure and elasticity through the underlying skin layer – the dermis. The dermis stands for the fullness of the skin and is a compact skin layer whose primary components are collagen, which gives the skin its strength and structure, as well as elastin fibers, which give the skin its resilience and elasticity.

With age, the amount of collagen and hyaluron in the skin decreases, as the production capacity gradually decreases after the age of 25.
– The skin loses its strength and fullness, as collagen forms a large part of the skin’s structure and connective tissue
– The elastin fibers become slack and the elasticity weakens – the skin loses its elasticity
– The skin’s ability to form and retain moisture is impaired due to a lack of hyaluronic acid.

The effect of DermaOXY® Oxygen Mesotherapy:
→ Stimulates the production of collagen
→ Nourishes elastin fibers and increases skin elasticity
→ The active ingredients are transported down into the dermis using pure oxygen
→ Maintains and rebuilds the skin’s moisture balance, by supplying hyaluronic acid


DermaOXY™ OXYGEN TREATMENT (1 session)
€ 75
DermaOXY™ OXYGEN TREATMENT (Package of 4 sessions)
€ 240
DermaOXY™ OXYGEN TREATMENT (Package of 6 sessions)
€ 300


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